corn bhel

Corn Bhel

A Bhel with a salad twist. An easy to make, tasty side-salad, it can be served with corn chips as a delicious appetizer.

Spiced Cabbage

Looking for a quick and easy vegetable side dish? Spiced cabbage sure is a vegan’s delight. It tastes delicious when eaten with roti or even stuffed into a wrap.

kopra pak

Kopra Pak

If you love coconut you’ll adore this sweet treat. Serve with chai tea or pack in your kid’s lunch box for a wonderful surprise.

Kachumber Salad

A super quick and healthy accompaniment to any Indian meal.


Cucumber Raita

Traditionally eaten as an accompaniment with any Indian meal, this refreshing side dish cools down the palate balancing the spicier flavours of the richer dishes.

Bell peppers, cucumber and celery salad

A salad often comes across as a healthy and nutritious dish, till you add that dash of mayonnaise or creamy dressing to it. Here’s how you can dress up your salad and keep it healthy too!

Chili cheese toast

Even something as simple as toast can turn into a scrumptious snack when topped with cheese and spiced with chili (the green variety)!

Masala coffee

Wake up and smell the coffee! Not just coffee, but a cup of refreshing masala coffee! A great way to kick-start your day! Here’s how you can brew your own aromatic, spiced-up cup of coffee.

Yoghurt & Spring onion dip

A low -carb dip made from thick yoghurt that is nutritious and spiked with spring onions that add color, flavor and a crunch to this creamy delight.

Green chutney

This freshly ground green chutney is delicious and adds colour, flavor and nutrition to vegetable sandwiches, wraps, pakoras, chaat or any of the innumerable traditional Indian snacks.