My name is Amica Sinha, and I am a teacher, wife, mother of 4 and an avid home cook. It all started when my parents immigrated from Mumbai, India to Toronto in 1966. Growing up, both my mother and grandmother were very adamant about making traditional Indian dishes for us from whatever was available locally. Learning about the complexity of Indian cooking, from the unique ingredients to the variety of flavours, is where my love for cooking started. Even at a young age, I was always experimenting with whatever was in our kitchen, which helped broaden my horizons to non-Indian dishes and baking.

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What Our Customers Say


I have had the good fortune of participating in a handful of online Indian cooking classes with Amica from the comfort of my own kitchen.  All meals were vegetarian but she offered suggestions for incorporating meat as well as how to make the meals vegan-friendly.  Amica provided good direction before each class on ingredients required, offering options and substitutions.  Specialized kitchen equipment was never mandatory and she described work-arounds and alternatives for types of pans, utensils etc.  Really it couldn’t have been easier to learn from home without feeling like I had to shop to outfit myself for an Indian kitchen.Amica’s teaching style is clear, patient and supportive (she could tell when I started panicking over my failing roti’s and walked me through how to rework my dough for success!).  I felt confident after each class that I could reproduce the meal on my own and in fact some of the dishes have become favourites.  I recently dehydrated Amica’s Dahl Makhani for a canoe trip much to the joy of fellow campers.  Amica’s knowledge and experience with Indian cooking is second nature and her enthusiasm and attitude are a delight.  Amica’s classes have infused my kitchen with some new energy and I am thrilled with my new skills.  The classes were a highlight of the pandemic lockdown and always an enjoyable afternoon with delicious results.
Thanks Amica!

Linda Brown

“Cooking with Amica is such a wonderful experience. Her Indian cooking classes have kept me entertained each week and my family well feed throughout the Lockdown. It truly is a highlight of my week. Amica shares her love of her culture and culinary arts in each class, with easy to follow instructions and a little history of where each dish originates in India. Finally, and most importantly, her dishes are always DELICIOUS and a huge hit at my house. I look forward to her classes and plan to continue to take more in the future. Thank you Amica!”

Jonathan Demaray

During this quarantine, I was looking to enhance my Indian cooking skills. I’ve always been exposed to Indian food, but never learned firsthand what went in to making the dishes. Amica has been a wonderful hands on instructor, thoroughly explaining each step. She is meticulous and clear about the ingredients. And she checks on your progress during the class to provide individual advice. It has been such a great way to learn a new skill from home. You also have a supportive group cooking along with you. The best part is – you end up with a great meal to show off to your family and enjoy after the class! Highly recommend these sessions … lots to learn, easy to follow, and delicious food to devour after.


Thank you for the wonderful cooking classes. Your lessons are always outstanding and learning hands on from your super easy to follow and professional instructions was a great experience. The ingredients for each meal were easy to find and we will be taking away the techniques we learned for all our future meals.

Thank you again!

Nicole and Mike

Cooking With Amica has changed my kitchen! New spices have moved to the nearest shelf and amazing smells now emanate on Saturdays.  I have never been an adventurous cook and I’m not sure, were it not for the Pandemic , I would have signed up. However, not knowing how to pronounce the dish or what the final product should look like, was not even an issue.

Amica is the most accommodating teacher ever.

Kind, flexible and supportive – that’s Amica. These qualities can only come with expertise and experience. Not able to find an ingredient? No problem, try this instead.

If you want a terrific community of cooking friends, bring yours and look no further than Cooking With Amica! You can thank me later!

Judi Symes

Amica was friendly and clearly communicated all the instructions. The zoom members had minimal questions regarding the process and the dialogue between them and the instructor was pleasant and informal. The end product was *absolutely* delicious. As a bonus, Amica told us how the recipe could be customized regarding available ingredients and also to taste. I highly recommend this zoom class!

Richard Konrad