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Truly Indian - The Traditional Thali

It’s local, it’s indigenous, it’s nutritional, it’s aromatic, it’s colourful, it’s a harmony of flavors; a typical Indian meal that provides you with that ‘special’ taste of India, on one single platter!

The Pungent, Spicy Flavor that’s Ginger

Also known as adrak, in India, the first thing you should know about ginger, or the part of the plant that is used as a spice, is that it is not a root, although it sure looks like one! This rough, gnarled part, though dug up from the ground, is a ‘rhizome’ meaning an underground stem that grows horizontally below the surface.

Worth every pinch of it! Precious saffron

How does one describe the aroma and flavour of a spice as exotic as saffron? Floral? Earthy? Subtle? Musky? Definitely not spicy!

Spice up your cabinet!

Spices are synonymous with Indian cuisine. You don’t need to be in the kitchen to know something’s cooking. The strong aroma of Indian spices hits you wherever you are. That’s the secret of using even a pinch of these not-so exotic spices in your cooking.

Street food hakka noodles

Hakka, Hakka, it’s noodles!

Today, in almost every corner of the earth you will find a restaurant or a road-side food stall selling Hakka specialities. The moment you hear the word Hakka, you connect it with Chinese and Chinese cooking. Rightly so! But what exactly is Hakka?

Street Food in India

Be it festivals, languages, religions, culture or traditions, India is a land of great diversity. The same diversity is seen in the food habits and cuisine of its people. From North to South, East to West the variety is astounding. And what better and easier way to taste and get a ‘feel’ of this expanse of local delights than through the wide array showcased on the streets of India; street food to be precise!

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Street Food in India-2

Continuing on our food tour, let the aromatic and fragrant smells lure you once again towards streets lined with portable stalls and food carts loaded with roadside meals; a foodie’s paradise.

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The Story Behind Paneer

Paneer, a creamy, crumbly, certainly not melty, unaged cheese is an all-time favourite, not only in India but across the Asian sub-continent. This smooth, spongy- to- touch, dairy food, with its distinctive flavour, is used widely in diverse cuisines to prepare breakfast meals, main course dishes, starters, appetizers even desserts.