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Truly Indian - The Traditional Thali

It’s local, it’s indigenous, it’s nutritional, it’s aromatic, it’s colourful, it’s a harmony of flavors; a typical Indian meal that provides you with that ‘special’ taste of India, on one single platter!

The Pungent, Spicy Flavor that’s Ginger

Also known as adrak, in India, the first thing you should know about ginger, or the part of the plant that is used as a spice, is that it is not a root, although it sure looks like one! This rough, gnarled part, though dug up from the ground, is a ‘rhizome’ meaning an underground stem that grows horizontally below the surface.

Worth every pinch of it! Precious saffron

How does one describe the aroma and flavour of a spice as exotic as saffron? Floral? Earthy? Subtle? Musky? Definitely not spicy!